BaaS pioneer Bankable acquires embedded finance platform Arex Markets.

Embedded working capital and unlimited liquidity will enhance the breadth of the Bankable banking infrastructure core proposition.

London, UK– 15th of June 2023 – Bankable, a pioneer in the Banking-as-a-service industry, today announced the acquisition of Arex Markets, giving the combined company the ability to embed credit and working capital into the payment flows of established neobanks, multinational brands and fintech platforms. Arex Markets’ proprietary technology enables investors to finance a variety of commercial papers to seamlessly speed up payment flows and ease the working capital challenge.

As BaaS and embedded finance solutions continue to proliferate, the B2B finance space continues to struggle with quick and flexible access to liquidity solutions, whilst investors continue to search for the right balance between risk and yield. The legacy banking system has not been able to provide the ability to offer credit and working capital solutions which can be embedded in transactional flows as diverse as accounts payable, invoicing, cards issuing and cross border supplier payments. Which forces businesses to consider alternative private financiers or carrying additional costs on their balance sheet.

Bankable will add working capital (flexible invoice financing , corporate credit cards, lodged cards and revolving credit) to the existing API-first digital platform.  Customers will have the ability to become ‘Bankable’ and build cards, payments, and credit solutions on top of the Bankable virtual account core in minutes. Through extensive investor partnerships, Bankable can offer unlimited working capital matched with an extensive portfolio of relevant customers.  Early use cases for the combined offering are being rolled out in the B2B wholesale travel sector for working capital support on supplier payments; supporting pan-European scale-up fintechs and neo-banks to take the next step in building net new revenues from credit cards; and working with global consumer brands to establish a single payments solution tailored to their needs.

Core to the Bankable approach is working as a friend to the established banking industry and Bankable is working closely with several tier 1 institutions to welcome them as new investors on to the platform providing them with an additional route to deploy capital quickly and flexibly.

Eric Mouilleron, CEO & founder of Bankable: “Together with Arex Markets, we share the same entrepreneurial culture and ambition. Thanks to our complementary assets and strong alignment of our teams, we can attract premium clients seeking to develop a uniform pan-European banking offer leveraging our best-in-class API platform including credit. This partnership clearly sets us up with the richest Bank as a Service offer for premium clients with clear multi-country ambitions.”

Airto Vienola, CEO of Arex Markets, added: “Bankable and Arex share the same mission: to offer embedded financial services across Europe to fintechs, established businesses and brands. Together with Bankable, we offer both a formidable infrastructure powered by the best technology that gives access to banking-related services that are modular and easy to integrate, and the deepest product breadth in the Bank-as-a-Service European market, covering accounts, cards and credit.”


About Bankable:

Bankable is a global digital core banking platform and Banking as a Service provider. We help financial institutions, corporates and fintech deploy, orchestrate, and operate highly differentiated payment solutions with quick time to market.

About Arex Markets

AREX Market operates a marketplace connecting businesses with institutional investors unlocking capital by giving them access to an entire suite of credit solutions. AREX’s mission is to drive the cost of financing down so hard-working businesses can retain more of their money and focus on their business.

Bankable contact:

Kard, the innovative mobile bank for teenagers, chose Bankable as its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) partner.

Kard’s mission is to offer a safe, intuitive banking experience to young people and foster financial education and empowerment. Launched in 2019 in France by an experienced entrepreneur and a former banker and with backing from leading investors, Kard offers a mobile banking application that allows parents to send money to their child’s account and monitor their spend. Teenagers can then manage their funds, and spend them using Apple and Google-pay enabled cards, or save them in one of the “savings pots”.
Kard’s co-founders Scott Gordon and Amine Bounjou were keen to get their product to market quickly. They decided to build upon the existing BaaS infrastructure, recognising the extra time it would have taken them to build the requisite systems, processes and partnerships with payments services providers in-house. “Bankable offered us a turnkey solution – by partnering with them, we could focus on creating a first-class user experience, whilst they took care of the back of the house” Scott Gordon said.
Over time, Bankable helped Kard launch additional features. In 2020, the fast-growing application added its first savings product, and in 2021 it rolled out x-Pay functionality for its cards. “Bankable have been great at supporting us as our requirements evolved. They even went the extra mile and broke some ground with us – they developed their first x-Pay integration for us, in record time.” Amine Bounjou added. “Kard is a key client and we are delighted to be on the journey with them. Their mission to encourage financial education and a clear sense of purpose resonate with us strongly.” said Eric Mouilleron, Bankable Founder and CEO. “Their growth has been phenomenal, and that shows their product solves a real pain point in people’s lives. We are looking forward to growing with Kard and helping them enter new products and markets in the future”.

Bankable and Paysafe team up to provide omnichannel banking services

Bankable partners with Paysafe to launch a broad range of integrated, omnichannel banking services from Paysafe. Under the global agreement, Paysafe will use Bankable’s core banking services.

Today, Bankable announced a partnership with Paysafe, a world-beating leading and specialized payments platform. Bankable would provide it’s scalable and secure API as Paysafe’s new core banking platform and launch with Paysafe a broad new range of integrated services.

Paysafe as a company strives to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly via it’s digital wallets, online cash solutions and payment processing capabilities. It’s mission is to provide a differentiated value proposition for each and every customer that goes beyond the standard offerings available to them.

Bankable and Paysafe have previously collaborated together with it’s card issuing services to provide the British Red Cross with Prepaid Visa cards to support emergencies. This solution enabled families and individuals to use prepaid cards in the event of a crisis, providing a safe and discreet way to distribute money across those in need.

After signing the agreement, Noah Sharp, Chief Banking Officer at Paysafe, commented: “At Paysafe we’re progressing a number of innovative banking-as-a-service initiatives and broadening our network of relationships with leading banks, and we have a lot of exciting plans up our sleeve. To work with a strong, proven partner like Bankable, and the highly experienced team they bring, is an important component of our delivery in this area.”

Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO of Bankable added: “Like Bankable, Paysafe is a customer-centric organisation. Bankable signature one stop platform will serve as Paysafe’s new core banking platform, providing the company with technology to advance its payments infrastructure and enhance the services it provides to customers. We’re excited to support the company in its ambitious, global plans..”

Bankable, the global architect of “Banking as a Service” solutions, announced that his client Blank is now live.

Blank, a French digital bank for independent workers, is backed-up by Crédit Agricole Group via its startup studio, La Fabrique by CA. Crédit Agricole Group, the 10th largest bank in the world by total assets – serving 51 million clients across 47 countries, launched La Fabrique by CA to identify opportunities in banking and finance offers and support the development of selected Fintechs next to Crédit Agricole offers.

Bankable joins Visa Fintech Fast Track Programme as a New Enablement Partner

Visa’s Fintech Fast Track programme is designed to enable the next generation of fintechs to join Visa’s network and build innovative digital commerce experiences for consumers and merchants

Fast Track programme grows 360% year-over-year, and supports the creation of payment innovations like digital wallets, Business to Business (B2B) and digital currency payment.

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Bankable and Paysafe support British Red Cross to offer Visa prepaid cards in emergencies

The British Red Cross has transformed its approach to cash assistance in the event of emergencies following a new partnership with banking-as-a-service provider Bankable and specialised payments platform Paysafe.

Cash assistance is the means by which British Red Cross delivers financial aid during emergencies to make sure that recipients are able to access the goods and services they really need.

Emergencies – whether localised such as a house fire, or national or international such as a health pandemic – can have a large economic impact on communities. If homes are damaged and people aren’t able to work, communities that may already be in vulnerable situations are under increasing financial strain to make ends meet and the British Red Cross is there to help. The charity is now able to give families and individuals in need access to prepaid Visa cards via on-the-ground support workers, instead of relying on cash.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, some media reports suggesting that cash may aid the spread of the disease have resulted in a shift in its usage and some retailers no longer accepting it as a form of payment, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. According to Paysafe research undertaken in April 2020, 53% of Brits are worried about handling cash following the COVID-19 outbreak, with 51% saying they planned to reduce their long term use of cash due to health and safety concerns.

The British Red Cross’ new Bankable-branded prepaid Visa cards are issued by Paysafe and can be used by recipients at any point of sale or ATM, that accepts Visa. The cards are pre-loaded with an amount defined by the charity and have a unique identification number.

The British Red Cross strives to provide scalable and timely cash assistance within hours after any UK emergency. Its mission is to support individuals and communities in preparing for, dealing with and recovering from a crisis, whoever and wherever they are. The charity responds to an emergency on average every four hours, ranging from domestic fires or utility outages to floods or terror attacks.

Jon Pewtner, UK Operations Cash Manager at the British Red Cross, comments: “By allowing families and individuals to use prepaid cards in the event of an emergency we are able to provide a safe, discrete and empowering way to distribute money to those in crisis. We now operate our Cash Assistance programme with a 24-hour support team. Working with Bankable, Paysafe and Visa we’ve been able to transform our approach to cash assistance and the way we provide funds to those in need in emergency situations. With this programme in place, we have been able to respond with agility and action throughout our COVID-19 response.”

Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO of Bankable said: “We’re proud to be supporting the British Red Cross in transforming their financial services and the provision of real-time funds to those in need. This is just one great example of the amazing work they do in supporting the nation in the event of a crisis.”

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER and Income Access at Paysafe – responsible for the company’s Card Issuing division – added: “We’re seeing many innovative and specialised uses of prepaid cards, but this example is particularly powerful. We’re delighted to play a role in the British Red Cross’ transformation of its Cash Assistance programme.”

Bankable Announces Strategic Collaboration with Visa to Continue Growing Globally

  • Bankable announces strategic collaboration with Visa
  • Bankable opens new office[1] in the heart of the Flatiron District

New York, USA – February 4th, 2020 – Bankable, the global architect of “Banking as a Service” solutions, today announced a strategic collaboration with Visa in the United States. Bankable aims to provide Visa’s U.S. clients, including corporate and financial institutions, access to its real-time and modular banking solutions, enabling them to deploy digital banking and faster payment services. To accommodate ongoing work in the U.S., Bankable is opening an office in New York, which is Bankable’s fourth office after London, Brussels and Dubai.

The new premises will become Bankable’s U.S. hub, allowing the company to accelerate strategic initiatives across corporations, banks and fintechs headquartered in the country. The company is planning to make strategic hires in the next few months as the NY team will shoulder London and Dubai operations.

“Our strategic partnership with Visa represents a great opportunity to further accelerate digital payments innovation in the region. Our commercial team will initially focus on B2B payments,” said Eric Mouilleron, CEO and founder of Bankable. “As we already serve American clients, we see huge opportunities to digitally transform corporates headquartered in the U.S. as well as leading regional, community and selected global banks organized to support fintechs. We anticipate more than 50% of our revenues to come from the U.S. by 2024.”

“The financial ecosystem is evolving at rapid pace, and Bankable’s model helps financial institutions, corporates and fintechs be increasingly nimble to remain competitive,” said Terry Angelos, SVP and Global Head of Fintech, Visa. “Building on what we’ve done with Bankable in other regions, including CEMEA and Europe, we’re excited to now extend the partnership into the US.”

Notes to Editors:

For further information, please contact:

Sara Malinowsky at Bankable / +44 20 3948 6034

About Bankable:

Bankable is a global digital banking and payments platform. We help financial institutions, corporates and FinTechs deploy, orchestrate and operate highly differentiated payment solutions with quick time-to-market.

We provide an exhaustive range of digital banking and payment solutions under a “Banking as a Service” model. Our core digital banking platform is available in white-label or via APIs, enabling our clients to quickly deploy banking solutions – including digital banking solutions, virtual account solution, payment processing services, card programmes and mobile wallet services. Our client base includes both regulated financial institutions (Banks, Electronic Money Issuers, Payment Institutions, Insurance companies…) and non-regulated global corporates and FinTechs who use our platform and Partner’s Ecosystem to deploy digital banking and payment services and generate new revenue opportunities.

Our motto: “quick time-to-market”

Bankable’s rapid implementation approach enables clients to generate revenues faster, increasing their valuation and attractiveness. By promoting pilot-based-experimentation, Bankable allows its customers to quickly launch, test and validate a new service before moving towards a seamless deployment.

[1] New York office is solely operated by Bankable

Bankable And Moneyou: Friendly Fintechs Challenging The Status Quo

European retail online bank Moneyou has announced today that it will be diversifying its portfolio to leverage Level 39 payments service provider Bankable’s multi-wallet and multi-card technology to target millennials in the Netherlands and in Germany. Moneyou understands the changing needs of the customer in a unique way and is continuously improving their products and services to meet these needs. Branded the friendliest fintech to incumbents, Bankable is renowned for its rapid implementation and in turn, the ability to generate revenue at a faster rate.

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ABN Amro turns to Bankable platform for digital unit Moneyou

Bankable’s Banking as a Service platform powers Moneyou BV, the fully digital consumer subsidiary of ABN Amro. The service is now opened to selected customers in the Netherlands.

Moneyou is a financial service provider launched by ABN AMRO under a separate brand in 2001 and active in 4 countries in the EU. Moneyou provides savings accounts to more than half a million customers and is now diversifying its offering by leveraging Bankable’s latest generation multi-wallet and multi-card technology to launch a full product portfolio targeted at millennials in the Netherlands and in Germany.

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