CPP at Marbella All Payments Expo

Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO of Cards Prepaid Ltd, was one of the speakers at All Payments Expo Europe in Marbella, Spain from May 19 to 21. Eric spoke about The Rise of Alternative Financial Services stressing that the retail banking model is on the precipice of change in revenue models, opening up possibilities for new types of banking to emerge. Along with Eric, the speaker on this topic included Rich Wagner, CEO of Advanced Payment Systemers while the CEO of Gx, Tony Craddock, was the chair.

500 attendees from the EU and Russia across the payments ecosystem including retail, banks, payments and technology participated in the event.
The event is the sister event of All Payments Expo USA, and was held at the Don Carlos Resort in Marbella. The focuses were on merchant acceptance, emerging payment technologies and alternatives such as prepaid. Some of the retailers speaking at this event were BP, LivingSocial, Tesco Bank, Pizza Hut, Asda and British Retail Consortium. Amongst technology companies, speakers included Braintree, Virtual Piggy, SumUp.

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