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The trend is obvious. How logical is it to lend on a 5- year maturity?

Our world is changing and AI + Tech can bridge the gap of real-world business problems. Those who win, win because they understand short-term is not about reducing your options. It is about digitising and switching on tech to dynamically manage risk in realtime.

Bankable: the pioneer of BaaS in the UK

Bringing off-balance sheet credit and lending as a service to businesses.

Bankable works with bank sponsors across the UK and Europe to issue IBANS in multiple jurisdictions. Whether your programme is domestic or international, Bankable can support multiple currencies and a full-scale programme roll out.

Virtual Accounts pave the way for an entirely new operating model for global cash management. They offer corporates the same advantages as extensive multi-bank account hierarchies and eliminate the costs of opening and managing physical accounts. This results in a rationalisation of the number of accounts operated by corporates, increased centralisation and reduced dependency on expensive liquidity management products, such as notional pooling.

Virtual Accounts also transform payments processing by enabling transactions to be initiated from virtual accounts. Payment instructions are automatically generated from the underlying central bank account.

Card issuance and processing services on-demand. Bankable’s proprietary technology makes it easy for businesses to issue cards to their customers and process transactions through one API. 

With Bankable, you can launch global corporate programmes or locally issued consumer programmes from any EEA country. You can leverage our expertise to launch various plastic and virtual card solutions including corporate expenses, purchasing, payroll, travel, gift etc.

Our integrations with relevant industry partners means you can launch custom branded card programmes in as little as 4 weeks!

Bankable’s platform enables you to launch a digital bank from scratch.

Our technology can be deployed to generate accounts with an IBAN, issue payment cards linked to the account and access payment schemes including Faster Payments, SEPA transfers and SWIFT payments. We provide integrated access to KYC and AML services and can plug into third party API’s to enable access to additional financial services.

You can use our platform to quickly get your service to the market without needing to be regulated. Our easy-to-use rest API means that you’re in the driving seat when it comes to managing the experience you provide to your customers.

On-demand credit as a service provided off-balance sheet. The future of BaaS and differentiator for Bankable is its credit and lending marketplace where commercial paper such as invoices and payables can be financed on-demand and in real-time. 

We work with accounting technologies, ERPs, neobanks and other fintechs to embed our lending technology into their products so their business customers can receive financing or credit based on their working capital requirements.

Proven Results

Speed to Market:

6 weeks

Invoices sold in:

0.03 sec

One of our customers grew from £0 to Unicorn status in 2 years

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Our products are designed to be plug
and play. Instantly activate banking bricks
to suit your business case.

Whether it is lending, payments, issuing, processing,
or core banking, embed any type of banking product into your customer’s workflow through a single API gateway.


Our API is your gateway to leverage banking licences in the UK and Europe.

Through our integrated Bank sponsors, you can create and assign virtual IBANs, both addressable and non-addressable.

These accounts can be accessed by your customers and used to both receive and remit funds.


Issue branded or non-branded cards in the UK and Europe.

Unlike our competitors, our card products are diverse – we
offer pre-paid, debit and credit cards to suit your business and bank needs.


Switch on payments domestic and cross
border. Bankable can provide real-time payment functionality for SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), SEPA instant, SEPA EPC, FPS.

We have supported the facilitation of over 1 billion payment requests with ease for over a decade.


Access unlimited liquidity and lend to your customer’s off-balance sheet.

Add new revenue streams to your product proposition effortlessly with Bankable’s range of short-term lending and working capital products.

We turn your customer’s data into a lendable asset without passing on the credit risk.


As an investor experience unparalleled precision with Bankable’s real-time AI and data-driven lending exchange.

Make trades and move to the world of short-term credit at scale. Please note only regulated investors will be accepted to trade.

Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!

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Configurable. Predictable. Bankable. Our technology is engineered to provide the necessary banking and lending infrastructure to improve mid-market access to short-term working capital products, ensuring your dominance in a rapidly evolving technology market.

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Global scale

The world of finance is accelerating dramatically

Anticipating financial maturity beyond 5 years is unpredictable. Short-term durations maximise return and minimise risk for those who borrow and those who lend.


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