Payment Card Programmes

Bankable offers a full prepaid card programme management service allowing you to develop corporate or consumer card programmes.

With Bankable, you can launch global corporate programmes or locally issued consumer programmes from any EEA country. You can leverage our expertise to launch various plastic and virtual card solutions including corporate expenses, purchasing, payroll, travel, gift etc.

Our integrations with relevant industry partners means you can launch custom branded card programmes in as little as 4 weeks!

  • Corporate Travel & Expense

    Simplify T&E Expenses for employees by eliminating use of personal cards and expense reports

  • Spend Management

    Petty Cash and Purchasing

    Enable all employees to pay for small office expenses, optimise purchasing by eliminating expensive cheque payments and bank transfers

  • Payroll and Incentive

    Pay off-shore and temporary employees easily without a bank account, make cost-effective incentive payments for employee recognition

  • On Demand Delivery

    Eliminate cash and allow couriers to conveniently pay for goods and services that they pick up on behalf of customers

  • Insurance Claim Pay-outs

    Enhance customer experience with claims pay outs in real-time on virtual or plastic prepaid cards

  • Youth Spending

    Provide a ‘pocket money’ solution to teenagers eliminating the use of cash and allowing parents to monitor spending

  • Multi-Currency Travel Cards

    Target frequent travellers with superior FX rates on multi-currency cards holding up to 16 currencies on a single card

  • Plastic and Virtual Cards

    Virtual Cards

    Provide access to secure online payments with single use or reloadable virtual cards

Platform and Card Features

Card programmes are managed via our REST API and a suite of back end administration tools ensuring minimal integration and development so you can focus on the marketing and success of your programme.


    REST API for programme management

  • Plastic and Virtual Cards

    Plastic and Virtual cards

  • Single or Multi-currency

    Single or Multi-currency EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, NOK, DKK

  • Chip and PIN, Contactless Cards

    Chip and PIN, Contactless Cards

  • Bankable or Customised card designs

    Bankable or Customised card designs

  • Instant virtual card generation

    Instant virtual card generation

  • Real-time transaction notifications via callbacks

    Real-time transaction notifications via callbacks

  • Retrieve card statements

    Retrieve card statements

  • Block, Unblock, Cancel cards instantly

    Block, Unblock, Cancel cards instantly

  • Virtual Accounts for card management

    Virtual Accounts for card management

  • Instant card loading and unloading

    Instant card loading and unloading from virtual accounts

  • Restrict MCCs, ATM or POS usage at card level

    Restrict MCCs, ATM or POS usage at card level

  • Back office tools

    Back office tools for programme management

  • Customisable pricing

    Customisable pricing for end users

  • Access to SMS

    Access to SMS and IVR for card management

Self Service Card Platform

If you’re simply looking for unbranded prepaid cards for corporate expenses, cross border payroll or on-demand spending, you can leverage our cloud based self service card management platform to start issuing cards to employees within 24 hours. You can also combine this platform with simultaneous access to your account via our API to further automate your card management, loading and reporting.

  • Entity management

    Entity Management

    Mirror your organisation's structure and give autonomous access to each region, department etc. whilst being able to manage your cards centrally

  • Virtual Accounts

    Virtual Accounts

    Segregate funds and permit prepaid cards to be loaded in real-time

  • User and Role Management

    User and Role Management

    Create unlimited users with a varying set of roles, allowing different levels of visibility and control of funds on the platform

  • Card Ordering

    Card Ordering

    Instantly order plastic cards whenever needed and generate virtual cards in real-time

  • Card Blocking

    Card Blocking

    Temporarily Block and Unblock cards instantly, Declare cards Lost/Stolen or Cancel cards instantly

  • Spend Management

    Spend Management

    Restrict card usage at specified Merchant Categories, Block usage at ATMs or Point of Sales

  • Real-time Transaction Reporting

    Real-time Transaction Reporting

    Access card transactions in real-time and extract detailed reports on card and account transactions in PDF, CSV and XML formats

  • Cardholder Tools

    Cardholder Tools

    Cardholders have access to their own dedicated portal, IVR and SMS services to view balances and transactions, upload receipts and retrieve their PIN

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