Our solutions have applications in multiple industries. We partner with you to create financial services solutions that match your specific industry needs.


Increase customer loyalty and unlock new revenue opportunities

Our platform helps organisations with a large consumer client base to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Large Retailers and Mobile Network Operators use our platform to unlock new revenue opportunities by delivering cutting-edge payment solutions to their clients without requiring any licenses for providing financial services. Our REST API ensures that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your current product offerings, and add a digital payments experience for all your clients.

Bankable’s platform brings several benefits to retailers and telcos.

Customer Acquisition
Attract new customers by offering a next generation ‘bank account’ bundled with telecom services

Customer Retention
Drive retention of existing customers through a new product category which is more ‘sticky’

Big Data Opportunities
Access to consumer’s spending behaviour allowing insight generation and cross-selling opportunities

New Recurrent Revenues
Generate additional revenues by attracting new customers

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