Disburse funds globally and securely with a real-time, centralised control

Our self-service expense and payroll management platform enables NGOs and charities to issue cards worldwide to all.

NGOs and charities can centrally manage all cards via the platform and issue cards for the unbanked, temporary and expat employees and load the cards in real-time in the local currency. This provides easier access to salary and provides international remittance at a low cost.

Our card programme allows cards to be issued and managed in real-time, providing staff with instant access to funds in any situation. Our card programmes improve the efficiency and transparency in making regular and emergency payments, helping you to increase credibility with donors.

For example, staff based abroad on a short-term project can be given un-activated prepaid cards as an emergency measure. When there is an urgent need to access funds, the cards can be activated instantly by the cardholder or remotely by his/her NGOs.

Once activated, the cards can be loaded in real-time, making the funds available for instant use. As the cards are attached to a global payment network, they can be used at 32 million locations worldwide.