Eric on FinTech Beyond Disruption

At the FinTech Beyond Disruption event at London City Hall, Bankable Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, was interviewed by FinTech Age based on the event’s theme. Eric shared his views on the evolution of the relationship between incumbents and FinTechs, the implications of Brexit on the FinTech industry and projects for 2017. Watch the interview here.

“Dear Banks, let’s have lunch together!” Eric Mouilleron speaks to FinTech Age

After Bankable’s feature in Origami – Top 100 Fintechs in London, Founder and CEO Eric Mouilleron spoke to FinTech Age on payments, the relationship between start-ups and banks, the evolution of payment methods and his thoughts on Brexit. Read the article by FinTech Age here and watch Eric’s interview here.

Bankable and EBRC Luxembourg Partnership

Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, was invited to EBRC’s headquarters in Luxembourg to speak about Bankable as the two look to strengthen their partnership. Owned by the Luxembourg government, EBRC’s data centres serve 280 international clients and enable business in a stable international-minded country with top GDP performance and AAA rating. Watch Eric’s interview at EBRC here.

London FinTech Week: Bankable represents payments during the Banking and Insurance Conference

Payments today plays a critical role in innovation in the insurance industry. Bankable was invited for a panel discussion during the London FinTech Week 2016 Banking and Insurance Conference, where the topic was “The Insurance Industry Response to FinTech”. Bankable’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Rashee Pandey, discussed the reasons why InsurTech exists, the innovation trends in the industry including rolling out real-time claim payments on e-wallets, and why collaboration is key. Alongside Rashee were David Roche (Director Financial Services of Pramerica Systems Ireland) and moderator Ian Gilbert (Cheif Revenue Officer at Agreement Express). Watch a snippet of the panel session here.

Bankable Top Bankable Top 3 in Payments in Europe3 in Payments in Europe

After being named in the European FinTech 100 list by the European FinTech Awards 2016, Bankable also became the top 3 in Payments in Europe. Our Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, was invited to present Bankable to a global FinTech and financial services audience at the European FinTech Awards and Conference held in Amsterdam on April 14. Watch Eric pitch and learn more about Bankable’s offerings here.

Bankable as a “Future Disruptor” during the Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016

Bankable was featured as a “Future Disruptor” during the Innovate Finance Global Summit on April 11, 2016. Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, presented Bankable’s solutions to the crowd interested in learning about the new generation of payment solutions revolutionising financial services. Watch Eric’s presentation here.

“One contract, endless payment solutions,” Rashee Pandey at Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016

Bankable exhibited its bespoke payment solutions at the Innovate Finance Global Summit as a founding member. Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Rashee Pandey, was interviewed on Bankable, FinTech and payments. She highlighted Bankable’s unique proposition of having partnerships with relevant players in the payments ecosystem. This offers clients the convenience of having just one contract with Bankable while being able to launch a payments programme from beginning to end. Watch Rashee discuss Bankable’s bespoke payment solutions and the Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 here.

Eric’s interview at Finovate Europe 2016

Our Founder & CEO, Eric Mouilleron, was interviewed at Finovate Europe 2016. Along with discussing Bankable’s platform-as-a-service and long-term vision, Eric also shared his opinion on the future of the FinTech landscape. He reiterated Bankable’s idea of working in partnership with global banks. “I see the future with incumbents. There is a lot to do with existing large banks. So I see a lot of partnerships, growing and fostering between the smaller companies and the larger companies… It [financial services] is an ecosystem we need to reshuffle [together].” Watch the whole interview here.

Avinash Agrawal on Bankable and FinTech Disruption

Our Head of Product Strategy and Commercialisation, Avinash Agrawal’s interview during FinTech Connect Live where he presents Bankable and explains our platform’s ability to power a range of payments solutions. Avinash also discusses disruption by FinTechs and Bankable’s approach of working with banks to foster the FinTech revolution. Watch Avinash here.