Digital Banking Platform

Bankable’s platform enables you to launch a digital bank from scratch.

Our technology can be deployed to generate accounts with an IBAN, issue payment cards linked to the account and access payment schemes including Faster Payments, SEPA transfers and SWIFT payments. We provide integrated access to KYC and AML services and can plug into third party API’s to enable access to additional financial services.

You can use our platform to quickly get your service to the market without needing to be regulated. Our easy to use rest API means that you’re in the driving seat when it comes to managing the experience you provide to your customers.

  • Single or Multi-currency

    Single and multi-currency accounts

  • Unique IBAN for each account for receiving third party payments

  • Debit or prepaid card linked to the account to enable global payments

  • Real-time payments between accounts; Access to Faster Payments, SEPA and International Payments for paying bills, friends and family

  • Loading channels include bank transfers, other debit/credit cards, cash at branches or partner stores

  • Spend channels include debit/prepaid card, cash, bank transfers, vouchers

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Get in touch with us to discuss launching or integrating innovative payment solutions including virtual accounts, virtual and plastic payment card programmes, e-wallets and full digital banking solution (for both transaction and retail banks).

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