Our Values

At Bankable, we take pride in our company values.

Empower (Encourage Excellence):

We trust in autonomy and good decision-making. Bureaucracy has no place here. We stay agile, pivot when needed, and encourage skill exploration. We prefer aiming for 3 out of 4 rather than settling for 2 out of 2. Mistakes happen, but we learn from them.

Candor (Speak Up):

We communicate openly and honestly, asking for clarity when needed. Trust and professionalism are our standards, especially with sensitive information. Responsibility guides our actions, and we value the courage to speak the truth, even in difficult conversations.

Hunger (Take Action):

We maintain a positive attitude and actively seek out new projects and opportunities, never expecting things to be handed to us. Complacency is not our style; we push boundaries, take risks, and constantly hunger for more.

Kindness (Care for Each Other):

We support each other’s growth, respect one another’s time, and approach conversations with empathy and understanding. At Bankable we always make sure to keep each other’s best interests at heart.

Sisu (Overcome):

We have sustained courage and resilience to overcome challenges. Big challenges are opportunities, not obstacles, and we approach them with a “glass half full” attitude. Delivering on expectations is our commitment, no matter the circumstances.

These values are the cornerstones of our identity at Bankable, guiding our actions and decisions as we innovate, collaborate, and create solutions that transform the financial industry.

Why We’re Implementing Them

Company Values are a fundamental guiding principle that shapes the culture, behaviors, and decision-making processes throughout our organization. These values serve as a reflection of what we stand for and how we interact with both our clients and one another. Moreover, they provide a clear sense of purpose and direction, serving as a compass for our collective efforts.

Their Internal Importance

Internally, implementing Company Values holds significant importance. They are crucial in creating a profound sense of belonging and identity among our employees. They also allow each member of the Bankable team to grasp the “why” behind the work they engage in daily. Furthermore, shared values within our organization foster a collaborative and supportive environment, strengthening our internal bonds and teamwork.

Their External Significance

Beyond their internal importance, our strong and well-defined Company Values help us in attracting like-minded individuals, who share those values, fostering a sense of community and alignment.
These values also exert a significant influence on how we are perceived by our clients, partners, and the public. By consistently aligning our actions with our values, we not only enhance our reputation but also fortify our brand in the eyes of the external world.