Rashee Pandey’s interview as a ‘FemTech Leader’

Innotribe are leading an initiative to interview women in FinTech globally classifying them as FemTech Leaders. Our Marketing and Communications Manager, Rashee Pandey, was interviewed where she discussed ‘the FinTech marketing view from London’, spoke on Bankable and her journey as a millennial woman in FinTech. See what she had to say here.

Bankable in the Global FinTech 100 List by KPMG and H2 Ventures

Bankable has been featured amongst “The Emerging FinTech Stars of Tomorrow” in the Leading Global 100 FinTech Innovators List by KPMG and H2 Ventures. The list is the result of a global search and includes 40 companies from the Americas, 20 companies from EMEA, 18 companies from the UK and 22 from the Asia-Pacific region. Read KPMG’s press release here.

Bankable participates in FinTech Connect Live

Bankable demoed and exhibited its payment solutions on both days of FinTech Connect Live at Wembley Stadium. Avinash Agrawal, Head of Product Strategy and Commercialisation, was also a panelist in the “Convergence Innovation” panel discussing the convergence between insurance, digital payments, peer-to-peer and commerce, and how FinTech companies can work with insurance companies to facilitate real-time claim payments on e-wallets and cards.

Eric Mouilleron on FinTech panel in Luxembourg

Our CEO Eric Mouilleron joined the Luxemboug Internet Days as a panelist for the ‘FinTech Session’. Eric discussed outsourcing innovation and Bankable’s vision of working with banks to add value and to be able to roll out niche financial products quickly. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, graced the event with his presence and gave a keynote speech as well. View Eric’s profile for the event.