Bankable representing FinTech at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos

Innovate Finance invited Eric Mouilleron, Founder and CEO, to join the UK FinTech delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year. With around 3,000 influencers invited from all around the world, it was an honour for Bankable to be representing the FinTech community at such a global platform. It was Bankable’s second consecutive presence at Davos WEF. Read more in Finextra’s post here.

Alexander Neagoe on Brexit, FinTech and more at Legalia’s Roundtable in Rome

Alexander Neagoe, Bankable’s Senior Project Manager, was invited to talk about the implication of Brexit on the world of retail finance and the FinTech industry. Alexander highlighted that the true impact would depend on whether or not the UK continued to remain in the EEA region vs the EU. “It largely depends on whether passporting rights will remain and whether financial service providers will be able to offer their products and services across EEA borders. I believe however, as FinTechs are majorly technology providers, the industry as a whole will be less impacted as compared to their bank clients and partners. However, this in turn may also allow potential growth opportunities for FinTechs and financial institutions across multiple markets,” said Alexander. See the event details here.

Eric as a Panelist at London City Hall’s first-ever FinTech Event

Bankable Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron was amongst the industry panelists at the FinTech Beyond Disruption event at London City Hall on December 8. Eric highlighted the importance of APIs and working in collaboration with incumbents to promote innovation in the financial services industry. The FinTech event was first of its kind at the London Mayor’s Office organised by FinTech Age. The panel discussion was chaired by Marco Barlassina, Editor-in-Chief of iFinance, SoldiWeb and FinTech Age and panelists included Katrin Herrling, CEO and Co-founder at Funding Xchange, Julian Cork, COO at Landbay, Harold Bosse, Global Head of Product at Earthport, and Jamie Campbell, Head of Experience at Bud. Read a summary of the panel here.

Bankable and EBRC Luxembourg Partnership

Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, was invited to EBRC’s headquarters in Luxembourg to speak about Bankable as the two look to strengthen their partnership. Owned by the Luxembourg government, EBRC’s data centres serve 280 international clients and enable business in a stable international-minded country with top GDP performance and AAA rating. Watch Eric’s interview at EBRC here.

“Bankable’s CEO on marrying FinTech with the banking sector” by Deutsche Bank, Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

Deutsche Bank GTB’s FLOW magazine featured Bankable’s Founder and CEO, Eric Mouilleron, on its cover. The article showcases Deutsche Bank’s openness to partner with players in the FinTech industry by highlighting Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Bankable. Eric emphasised Deutsche Bank’s technological, business and brand credibility. While Andy Reid, Head of Cash Management Corporates EMEA at Deutsche Bank said, “The cooperation between Bankable and ourselves can be a template for the way FinTechs and banks can come together successfully. The really exciting thing about that is that we are achieving good things, but we are only just starting.” Read the online version of the article here.

Bankable – Top 100 FinTech in London by Origami, iFinance

Origami by iFinance named Bankable amongst the top 100 FinTech(s) in London. The list features prominent leaders in the following FinTech sectors: Banking & Insurance, Payments & Blockchain, Personal Finance & Investment Community, Risk Management & Trading, Lending & Crowdfunding, and Data Analytics. Bankable is featured under ‘Payments’. Read the article and see the infographic here.

Avinash Agrawal on the ‘art of collaboration’ with banks

How Banks & New Payment FinTech Companies Can Work Together: Our Head of Product Strategy and Commercialisation, Avinash Agrawal, spoke on the ‘art of collaboration’ with banks in a panel session alongside Lu Zurawski of ACI Worldwide and Sarah Hynes of WorldRemit. Avinash highlighted the benefits for FinTech start-ups to work together with financial institutions to innovate and provide the best products and services for consumers. Listen to the panel discussion here.