Mark Davey, Ex-Executive VP of FIS’ international business, joins Bankable’s board

London – Bankable is pleased to welcome Mark Davey, previously Executive Vice President for the International Financial Institution (IFI) market at Fidelity Information Services (FIS), as a board member and equity investor. FIS Global is the world’s largest technology and services provider, with over 14,000 clients in around 110 countries. In 2014, FIS topped the IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings’ fourth year in a row.

Mark brings with him an extensive experience in the area of global financial solutions. “Mark’s global leadership, track record and strategic experience will be instrumental in Bankable’s growth and international expansion,” said Eric Mouilleron, Founder and CEO.

Mark decided to retire from FIS recently to pursue a non-executive portfolio career in order to be able to focus more his personal philanthropic and charitable interests, including his personal foundation. Mark has selected Bankable as one of only a few Financial Technology companies that he will be involved with. “Bankable is a fascinating organisation with huge potential to grow and become a meaningful player in the provision of exciting new technology in the payments area. Their solutions are innovative and well-crafted, whilst the company is driven by an experienced and enthusiastic team. I am delighted that Eric has invited me to join the board and look forward to the opportunity to use my industry experience to help deliver on their ambitions.”

At FIS, Mark was responsible for all aspects of global performance of FIS in EMEA, Asia, Australasia and Latin America/Caribbean markets. Under Mark’s leadership, FIS established a presence outside of North America and grew its IFI business from a 300 person, $90M business in 2004 into a global powerhouse with more than $1.2B in revenue and over 15,000 staff.

Prior to this position, Mark served as the group managing director of the company’s EMEA International division. Mark has over 20 years of experience in the IT and banking industries and has held a number of senior management positions. Prior to joining FIS in 2004, Mark held leadership roles including managing director of LANSA Europe, global sales director of Misys Retail Banking Systems and 11 years in several management positions at Unisys.


About Bankable

Bankable is a global architect of innovative payment solutions for corporates, banks and retailers. Its solutions – including e-wallets, m-wallets, remittance services, P2P money transfers and prepaid card programmes – are available in the form of white-label self-service platforms as well as via APIs. Their proprietary software assets help organisations streamline their payment processes while unlocking new revenue opportunities. While banks and retailers can quickly launch new corporate or retail financial products, their “Banking as a Service” approach enables any organisation with a large customer base to offer light banking services to their customers. For more information, visit and follow @wearebankable on Twitter.

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2015, Member Spotlight – Bankable

Bankable showcased at Innovate Finance’s first global summit on March 9, 2015 at Guildhall in London. The event highlighted innovators and innovations of the FinTech industry along with discussing FinTech’s role in disrupting the financial services sector. As an entrepreneur in the FinTech industry, Eric was asked to share Bankable’s unique value proposition. Watch Eric here.

Bankable discusses financial innovation at PwC’s Banking Day

Luxembourg – As the 14th edition of the Banking Day by PricewaterhouseCoopers unfolded in Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce on February 5, Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO of Bankable, was one of the speakers and panelists at the conference.

In the presence of around 200 representatives of financial institutions, Eric presented a Bankable business case study in line with the theme of the conference – Innovation Trends in the Financial Services Industry – to showcase the digital solutions Bankable has to offer. Other speakers included Laurent Probst, CEO and Founder of PwC Accelerator, and Peter Gille, CEO of Nexus.

Eric also participated in a panel discussing new channels to pave innovation in financial services such as through smartphones and virtual currencies, along with Peter Gille, Hugues Delcourt (CEO of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg), and Thorben Sander (CEO of Nordea); while Dariush Yazdani (Partner and Research Institute Leader at PwC Luxembourg) moderated the panel.

Every year, PwC’s Banking Day sheds light on relevant industry topics. This year’s subject highlights the fact that technological innovation is disrupting the financial services industry. Eric further added, “At Bankable we believe that the future lies in fintech companies using banks’ reliable infrastructure, benefiting from their investment in security and compliance, while adding a layer of innovation to the existing system and offer value-added services.”

“Make sure they are the right fit!” Eric Mouilleron, CEO and founder of Bankable, on choosing investors

Eric Mouilleron participated as a panelist at Innovate Finance’s first event of the year, “Bootstrap to IPO” held at London Stock Exchange on January 27, where he shared his experience of navigating the challenges associated with raising funding for growing companies.

Claire Cockerton, CEO of Innovate Finance, and Keith Morgan, CEO of British Business Bank, welcomed the members of Innovate Finance and established names in the fintech and finance industries. The event largely revolved around redefining funding in today’s world of finance as the industry is being disrupted. “Fintech and alternative finance have the potential to redefine the economics and service delivery of finance,” explained Keith.

The four panel sessions, moderated by Finextra and Bloomberg executives, discussed the founders’ experiences, the SME funding gap, the role of alternative finance in supporting SMEs, and the challenges faced by growing organisations to engage with investors. As a founder, Eric shared his experience on securing funding and on the IPO of his first company, and ended on the note saying “It is important to find relevant investors who complement the organisation’s value system; and if they’re the right fit, together you can build mountains.”

Other panel participants included representatives from GLI Finance, British Business Bank, Tech City UK, London Stock Exchange, Microexchanges, Syndicate Room, Grantree, Silicon Valley Bank, Fintech Circle, Crowdbnk, Infocomm, Balderton, Atlantic Bridge Ventures, HSBC, Essentia Analytics, Remitia, Derivtec, and Azimo.