Bankable’s Rashee Pandey, talks on shared trust and outsourced innovation between High Growth FinTechs and Banks at a panel at FinTech Evolution 2016

Rashee Pandey, Bankable’s Marketing and Communications Manager, was invited to be on “The Future of FinTech – The Battle Between the Old and the New” panel during FinTech Evolution 2016. Rashee discussed the future of the FinTech ecosystem by painting a collaborative picture. She highlighted Bankable’s partnering in action and alignment with financial institutions. Rashee said, “The Bankable-Deutsche Bank relationship is testament to banks and FinTech delivering outsourced innovation, with minimum upfront capex and new recurrent joint net revenues.” She Rashee’s profile for the event here.

Eric Mouilleron on FinTech panel in Luxembourg

Our CEO Eric Mouilleron joined the Luxemboug Internet Days as a panelist for the ‘FinTech Session’. Eric discussed outsourcing innovation and Bankable’s vision of working with banks to add value and to be able to roll out niche financial products quickly. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, graced the event with his presence and gave a keynote speech as well. View Eric’s profile for the event.