The Challenge

Spendesk is a unique solution to instantly generate virtual and plastic corporate cards for employees and easily manage expenses as a team.

Spendesk wanted to simplify how companies manage their employee expenses. Their idea was to allow employees to generate a unique card for each transaction in order to ensure security and traceability. However, such a solution would have required engaging with several service providers with multiple commercial contracts.

Bankable in Action

By using Bankable’s platform, Spendesk was able to use a single API and launch their service in 3 months. Spendesk is now able to onboard companies in real-time and allow them to instantly start using the platform to improve employee expense management. They also provide a unique tool via a browser extension that employees use to generate and auto-populate card details on the payment page of a website. When Spendesk decided that it would benefit their clients to also have a physical card for offline spending, Bankable was able to provide them with a branded card solution which easily integrated into their existing process flows.

The Outcome

Working with Bankable allowed Spendesk to go to market in record time. Within less than 6 months, Spendesk clients had already spent over EUR 8 million via their platform and the service continues to grow exponentially.

“Bankable has been a reliable partner from the beginning. They were great in helping us set up our banking program smoothly. Not only do they provide a strong technology, they are also upgrading it constantly to fulfill our demanding and growing needs.” - Rodolphe Ardant, Founder & CEO