The Challenge

Launching a new generation mobile banking app targeting the Z generation, Kard was seeking all of the features of a challenger digital bank such as clearing banks, BIN sponsorship and real-time KYC and AML services.

Bankable in action

Kard made use of Bankable’s card management platform and broad ecosystem of partners to build it’s digital accounts, cards and payments platform. Kard was able to launch it’s Beta version in exactly 5 months after contract.

The outcome

Kard continues to scale smoothly, with 100,000+ fresh installs to this date and $3.5 Million in a new round of seed financing. "We chose to partner with Bankable because of its international culture, which fits in very well with our culture at Kard. Bankable has a strong track record of building banking products that have scaled massively around the globe, and that's exactly our ambition with Kard." explained Amine Bounjou, COO of Kard