The challenge

Based in Toulouse, Airbus designs, manufactures and delivers industry-leading commercial aircrafts, helicopters, military transports and launch vehicles, as well as provides data services, navigation, secure communications and urban mobility solutions to enterprises and governments alike.

The company currently has more than seven assembly lines in three different continents and 1.200 different various suppliers. With more than 130,000 employees, Airbus's aerospace engineers travel between R&D centers in sufficient amounts that it requires several full-time travel accountants to keep track of expenses.

Airbus needed to find an effective way to keep track of expense disbursement to it's suppliers and aerospace engineers, as well as create a multi-currency prepaid and virtual cards program to be distributed to personnel.

Bankable in action

Airbus leverages Bankable’s corporate card disbursement solutions to issue payment cards to their engineers traveling globally. The Airbus program is deployed across various Airbus sites and jurisdictions. Bankable provides real-time programs attached to Airbus existing ERP system, which cover account, card and payment management across the entire chain of Airbus sites and jurisdictions. Airbus uses Bankable's virtual card solution to pay it's various B2B suppliers, mittigating fraud.

The outcome

Bankable’s solution went live in 2015. Attached to the company’s ERP solution, Airbus can now seamlessly pay suppliers using virtual IBANs and top-up its engineer's prepaid cards in an instant. The solution slashed paperwork, allowing the company to focus on delivering great engineering solutions.