Case Studies

The Challenge

GetYourGuide collects and categorises all the world’s things to do so you research less and do more. Africa to Oceania and back again, GetYourGuide makes it simple for you to find and book an activity that will make your trip — or your day.

GetYourGuide constantly updates their inventory to meet their customers’ needs in real time. To do so, they have to manage different payment methods to comply with their suppliers' requests. When it came to credit card payments, the use of corporate cards opened the company up to the risk of potential internal compliance and reconciliation issues.

Bankable in Action

Bankable was able to improve GetYourGuide’s process by providing a self-service, virtual, prepaid card platform. GetYourGuide is now able to load funds on cards in real-time, and have a centralised platform to manage all their card transactions. Being completely segregated from their corporate accounts, the solution is also very secure.

The Outcome

GetYourGuide can now manage its inventory easily with a highly scalable solution. As their business volumes grow, they only need to instantly generate a new virtual card.

“From the beginning Bankable’s Virtual Cards platform has proved to be a valuable tool in helping us run our daily operations and manage our inventory. Easy to use, reliable and flexible, the platform also comes with a great support team who are always extremely professional and courteous when dealing with our requests.” - Gianmichele Zappia, Fraud and Payment Specialist

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