Case Studies

The Challenge

DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and artificial intelligence into customer service operations of leading companies. Its Human+AI Customer Service Platform combines the best of human and machine intelligence enabling companies to deliver on increasing customer expectations.

As DigitalGenius has offices in Europe and in the USA, operational expense management for employees becomes inefficient and cumbersome. After a work trip, employees were reimbursed by DigitalGenius after completing manual and time-consuming company expense forms, or were given cash – an unsafe method with no transparency and leaving no room for emergency funds. This also came with high fees and poor FX rates.

Bankable in Action

Bankable offered DigitalGenius a Self-Service Card Platform to issue denominated prepaid expense cards for its employees. The solution allows employees to pay for expenses without diving into their personal accounts; and DigitalGenius manages and monitors the card activities in real-time, including loading/unloading cards and blocking/unblocking cards and/or extracting card(s)/ account(s) reporting whenever required.

The Outcome

DigitalGenius were onboarded onto Bankable’s platform within 48 hours, The first cards were ordered and received by employees within a week. DigitalGenius now issues Bankable's prepaid cards in GBP and USD to all its employees. Employees are never out-of-pocket while travelling for work or when paying for operational expenses.

Additionally, the platform enables the management team to have real-time control of segregating budgets according to geographies, departments and projects.

"Bankable has been essential to our business growth and I love how simple and intuitive the whole platform is. In a nutshell, it's a great product with competitive pricing and it comes with the best support team I ever worked with." - Victor Vintu, Director of Operations

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